Prague zoo in Prague

Prague Zoo is the most visited zoological garden in the Czech Republic. Annual visitor numbers are around 1.3 million. Prague Zoo is a few kilometres outside the city centre, but fairly easy to get to by public transport.  
There are 5000 animals and 650 species at the zoo, well organised over 69 hectares. 

The grounds stretch from a lush river valley up a steep, rocky escarpment to rolling meadows. The views at the summit are spectacular. Over the course of 4 or 5 hours you should be able to cover most areas. Animals range from penguins, sea lions, lions, tigers and elephants to Markhor and Ibex - superbly held in mountain enclosures. Giraffes also have a huge valley to roam through. The Prague zoo keeps Przewalski’s horse,the tiger cat, the Cuban boa, the Cuban ground iguana, the Malaysian giant turtles and giant Asian pond turtles, the European ground squirrel, the Common barn owl and the European bison.
Prague Zoo is well worth a visit, not just for the animals, but also for the pleasant countryside.In the studbooks there are accurately registered all the animals of the particular species that are being bred in human care.

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